In January 2021 I set out to make a very special box set of my favourite black & white photos taken during 2020. The reason why I kept my choices monochromatic was so that I could print then all handmade in my traditional darkroom.

Making all the prints the old fashioned way and making a limited edition set of them was a huge undertaking, that involved skills that I already had, skills I would learn and a couple skills I didn't know I had. The process took over sixty darkroom sessions over the course of ten days. I thought it was important to make all the prints during a small time period. I felt it would make everything more authentic. I also felt compelled to document the experience and you can watch the entire thing unfold.

Darkroom Knights 2021 Playlist

The result is a unique set of photos spanning 2020, each with their own characteristics. I used different enlargers, chemicals, and papers to create something, which I think is unlike anything else you'll find.

Each 5x7 print is slightly different, and comes with a data sheet giving all the technical information that made it possible. All the photos are contained within a Besfile Archival quality box with my logo fixed to the front.


Package will ship anywhere in the world, tracked for a flat rate of $30 CAD