My Approach

Unlike many of my generation, I was actually an early adopter of digital, starting around 2003. It was only several years later, when I had my first serious camera and started learning the fundamentals that I made the leap to film. Now I use both, and I think that adds something unique to the experience.

My Story

I was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario at the dawn of the 1980's but spent most of my life out in Western Canada, with the last twenty plus years in Calgary, Alberta.

Photography is my life, every waking moment is the pursuit of its history and techniques. I love the mix of science and art to create something truly unique.

My Other Webpages

Below are some of the current projects I am working on.




Since 2015 I have been publishing videos on YouTube about the history of photography. I create videos both educational and entertaining.



Knight Light Apparel

I sell t-shirts, mugs, etc. that have a photography related theme. I try to make them funny, or at least punny 😉

Already Know Me?

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