Agfa Vista Plus 200 First Impressions

Hi everyone, Azriel Knight here, and today I'm giving you my first impressions on Agfa Vista Plus 200.

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If you've been subscribed to the channel for a while now then you know that I really don't

shoot a lot of color film. I find it really hard to cinch that white

I also find that the latitude is, it's just not as forgiving as black and white.

I think the other issue for me with color as well, is that I want to be able to make

black and white prints from my black and white

And though you can make black and white prints with color negatives.

I mean why shoot color if you're just gonna print black and white anyway.

So barring all of that, I still do like to shoot color every now and then.

The major challenge for me today is that there's snow everywhere.

So I'm really gonna have to be seeking out those pops of color.

I mean it might make it easier, right?

Cause everything else is just gonna be blanketed, and white, and mud brown, and if I find like

just a really nice pop of color here and there.

I think, I think that'll work out well.

I also just wanted to take a moment to thank those of you who donated Agfa Vista Plus rolls.

I think I've got like 5 rolls to work with

I'm probably only gonna shoot 1, but it's really appreciated.

And if you want to send me something my PO Box is in the description below.

Today I'm gonna shooting with Canon A-1 and 50mm 1.4.

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The one advantage of everything being so white is that we'll have a good idea of what the

white balance is like.

Alright, I'm on shot 24 right now and now my A-1 won't trigger.

Now usually when this happens it means that the...that the battery is dead.

Luckily for once I brought and extra battery.

So I'm gonna head back to the car switch out the batteries and make sure that's the issue.


So I came back to the car and I tried it again it didn't work.

I switched the batteries, it still didn't work.

So I rewound and took the film out and it started working again, but I cannot be certain

it this point if it just need a new roll or it needed warming up.

Because it's quite cold outside.

It's somewhere in the range of minus 5 Celsius.

So it didn't work immediately when I switched the film, but then as the car warmed up a

little bit it started working again.

So I'm just gonna warm up the camera a little bit.

I got a second roll in there and I'm gonna head back out again.

So far so good.

I've taken several shots now.

Everything seems to be back to normal.

If it freezes up again before this rolls over I'll definitely know it's the cold though.

If you don't get a real winter where you're at, it's hard to describe to you just how

bright it is when there's snow all over the ground.

Just like shooting right up in your face.

Okay, the other issue I'm having right now is that my aperture in aperture priority with

the lens on automatic will not open anymore than f2.5.

And then when I set it to manual it won't go any more open than 3.5.

It's a 1.4 lens so I'm actually kind of confused.

I mean I feel like it might be something really simple and stupid, but I also want to blame

it on the cold.

Still taking shots though.

I just can't open it up anymore than 2.5.

Okay, looks like I spoke way too soon.

Camera's not working again.

I'm officially blaming the cold, but I've already shot way more than I normally shoot

in an episode.

So I'm done for the day.

I'm gonna head back to the car.

Okay, my darkroom is in a state of flux right now, and I don't even have any C41 chemicals.

So I'm actually here at London Drugs, and I'm just gonna get my film developed the old-fashioned

way at a drug store.

I think it's good to do this every so often just to keep these places open.

I don't know where you're at, but more and more of them are shutting down here every year.

And my one concern with this is that it says "One Hour Photo" right on the front of the store.

But if you remember the last time I was here the guy didn't...the guy said that they wouldn't

be ready until the next day.

>> Store Clerk: ...Next quick question.

When would you liked these picked up?

>> Azriel: ...Tonight's great, tomorrow's
fine too.

>> Store Clerk: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMight not
be able to do tonight, but we can definitely do tomorrow.

>> Azriel: Sure.

>> Store Clerk: Any particular time you think you'd be in?

>> Azriel: Before noon.

>> Store Clerk: UHHHHHHHHHHHHH...

We might be able to do at noon.

Why ask me then?!

Anyway, that's my suspicion and we'll see how that goes.

Okay, fantastic.

They actually...they actually said an hour. That's surprising.

[Suspenseful Music]

Okay guys, I'm back home now.

I'm in the studio.

I'm getting things scanned.

Let's have a look.

So the first thing that you should know is I only did the bare minimum editing.

I only did a slight adjustment on levels and curves, and I didn't do any white balance


So when you see that the white balance is spot-on, it's spot-on.

And when you see it's a little off, usually a little bit blue.

I think there's one shot in there that's a little green.

That is just how it ended up scanning.

When I scan my photos I take all the settings off.

So what you're seeing is as true to the negative as I can get it.

I had a lot of fun looking for those pops of color, and even though I originally thought

that being surrounded by snow would make it harder.

It actually made it really easy.

Everything that was vibrant just stood out.

It just popped.

It was really good to mix things up.

'Cause yeah, I do shoot like 90 to 95 percent black and white.

[Shot Review Music]

Given the choice between Agfa Vista Plus, and say Kodak Gold.

Hands down, to Agfa.

I was really impressed.

That's all for now.

I hope you enjoyed this episode.

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Hi everyone. Azriel Knight here, and today I'm giving you my first impressions on Agfa...damn it.

Hi everyone. Azriel Knight here, and today I'm giving you my first impressions on Agva...Agva?

So I rewound th...

So I rewound the...

Wrewouw wre wroow [Expletive]

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Transcript By A.J. Fontana