THe First Annual Week C-41 Begins October 10th

Week C-41 is a brand new thing. Hence the “1st annual”. While I am sure it will change and evolve in the coming days, let alone in the coming years, Week C-41 is a celebration of the C-41 process. Yes. I’m Canadian so I spell colour with a “u”. Anyway, this page will serve as a think tank of sorts to let you know how you can participate.

How it Works

We recognize that not everyone can shoot and develop a bunch of rolls of film all in the same week. Luckily C-41 is not just the film, but the developing process, so if you have shot a whole bunch of film, Week C-41 might be the time to develop it. We also recognize that film has been expensive lately. Shooting c-41 is just one way to take part. Here are all the different ways you can participate in the event.

  • Write a blog about shooting with C-41. It could be about your first experiences, developing tips, trials, favourite films, push & pulling techniques…anything!
  • A first impressions blog or vlog about a film you’ve never shot before.
  • A link to your favourite developing kit and where to buy it.
  • Photos that you have taken or developed during the week or anytime really.
  • Favourite C-41 film photos of the past.

Just ensure that anything you share uses the #weekc41 hashtag and the web domain

I want Week C-41 to serve the public as follows:

  1. To celebrate the film and development type in all its glory to those who are already shooting it.
  2. Give people who don’t normally use it an excuse to give it a whirl one week per year.
  3. Teach new photographers all about C-41, especially developing it on their own.
  4. Provide advanced tutorials for seasoned users.

The 2022 Week C-41 Crucible

Each year we will choose a crucible for everyone to try (if they can). It may be a developing kit, a film, or a developing technique.

This year, the #weekc41 crucible is CineStill 400D.